How I’ve settled into uni accommodation

Moving away from home was an extremely daunting thought for me because I have never been away from home for longer than ten days. A hugely important thing for me was to make myself feel as at home as possible, and a key way of doing this was to make my bedroom feel like home.

To make my room feel as much like home as possible, I ensured that I brought enough things with me to make me feel comfortable. This includes a lot of photos, my favourite pillows, some psychology books, my jewellery stand, and some dreamcatchers. What you have to remember is that, although your actual bedroom may be back home, this is your bedroom for a year and this has to be as homely as you want it to be, to help you with any of those homesick nights.

Don’t be embarrassed by anything you want to bring with you. It’s your room, so make it your own.

I’m in a flat with six other people, one shower, two toilets, and a basin in my bedroom. At first, I was terrified by the thought of sharing a shower with six people, but not once have I had to wait for the shower, and it’s stayed remarkably clean! Similarly, the thought of a university kitchen filled me with absolute dread, but it has stayed clean and tidy (with the occasional washing-up that we might leave for the next day) and we’ve not had any problems!

I found it difficult to settle in on the first night because I didn’t like being away from home, but after a while, you get so used to your surroundings, so used to your friends and your neighbours, and so used to your university campus, that it begins to feel like a home from home.

A key factor in settling in well, for me, was making friends in my accommodation – you become like a little family. I absolutely adore my flat. We are all very different characters, but we all get along so well; we have good old natters in the kitchen when cooking dinner, and we look out for each other. 

Settling into university accommodation is scary, and yes it can be challenging, but it’s such a great experience, and I am having the time of my life. I love my accommodation. I love my flat. I love my new room. You’ve just got to give yourself time to settle in properly.

What’s next?

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