What is included in student accommodation?

Before move-in day, you’ll want to pick up some household supplies so you don’t need to go shopping on day 1. Your accommodation will have a range of amenities though – make sure you check what’s already there so you don’t end up with three toasters or paying too many bills.

What furniture, kitchenware and bills are included?

This varies for each university or college – and may vary between the different types of accommodation each uni has too. If a place says it’s furnished, make sure you check what that means – does it only have a bedframe and a desk, or is it really well stocked?

Check what bills are included too so you can work out a monthly budget. Some student rent includes internet, energy and water, but for others you may be charged for each service separately.

Is your place furnished?

And how furnished is it really? Some of the photos or virtual tours you see may have furniture or belongings from the current students who live there. So you’ll want to know what will be left after they’ve moved out.

For example, is there a:

  • bedframe and mattress? (probably)
  • pillows, duvet and sheets? (probably not)
  • desk and desk chair? (probably, but is there a lamp?)
  • wardrobe and drawers? (likely)

Check our accommodation search to see what furniture they list for the types of accommodation you’re interested in. Check each one – as a studio flat could have different furniture than a shared house.

What’s in the kitchen?

Most students share a kitchen with their housemates or flatmates, so the big kitchen appliances are usually provided, but make sure you check exactly what’s there so you don’t end up with things you don’t need.

For example, is there a:

  • fridge, freezer and oven? (surely!)
  • microwave and kettle? (probably)
  • toaster? (maybe not)
  • plates, bowls and cups? (you’ll probably all bring your own)
  • saucepans and oven trays? (probably not)

What’s in the bathroom?

You might share a bathroom or you might have your own en-suite shower room.

Does your shared or en-suite bathroom have:

  • a shower curtain? (probably)
  • a toilet brush and bin? (maybe)
  • soap and shampoo? (unlikely)
  • toilet roll? (unlikely)

What bills will you have to pay?

Some university accommodation includes bills like heating and electricity, and possibly internet and home insurance.

Here are some of the bills which may or may not be included in your accommodation fees – and if they’re not included, remember to factor them into your budget:

  • heating, electricity and water (may be included)
  • contents insurance (maybe)
  • internet (maybe)
  • Netflix (very unlikely)
  • gym (no, though you may get a discount if there’s one on-site)
  • laundry (usually pay as you go)
  • mobile phone bill?! (definitely not)

Do students pay TV Licence?

Yes! And if you’re in shared accommodation with your own individual tenancy agreements, you’d probably then all need your own TV Licences.

Want to know more about student accommodation?

Take a look around with a virtual tour or chat to students already at uni to ask them about where they lived and what household supplies they needed to get.

Or take a look at our advice on what you need to know before you sign your contract, and your rights as a student renter.