• 1 Small double bed
  • 15m²
  • Wifi
  • Desk
  • Door lock


  • Up to 5 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Microwave

Contract options

  • Available from 10th October

General Description

Find great value and modern style in the bronze en suite at iQ Hayes Wharf. 

The standard en suite is renovated to a high standard and approx 15 sq m. Located from the ground up to the 6th floor, in the bronze en suite you'll have a private bathroom, small double bed and hardwood floors. You will share the communal kitchen and lounge with up to 4 residents. 

With your own study desk and chair and lots of storage, your room gives you all the privacy you need. You’ll be sharing a spacious open-plan living room and kitchen with up to four others, featuring TV, corner sofa and all the essential appliances.