• 1 Double bed
  • 13m²


  • Up to 4 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom

Contract options

  • Available from 11th September

General Description

Take your gold and bump it up to a Gold Plus! The next level in style and comfort, these large rooms allow you to take in the amazing Northern Irish scenery from our higher floors! Situated in apartments of 4 – 6, these smaller apartments provide the perfect setting for you and your friends to live the dream this year! In your room you’ll have a comfortable double bed, complete with under-bed storage, charging sockets, and a built-in lamp! Tie in a large wardrobe with built in drawers for all your clothes, and a handy study desk with noticeboard and shelves, you’ll have a room to suit your every need. You’ll also have floor to ceiling windows to give your room that natural glow, and blackout blinds to ensure you sleep well every night! In your kitchen you’ll have plenty of storage space, with half a fridge and half a freezer to yourself, along with plenty of cupboards – and if you look carefully you’ll find the built in dishwasher, making piles of dirty plates a thing of the past. And for those nights in, you’ll have a round table for dinner parties & a huge sofa set in front of your apartment’s widescreen TV for movie nights. Oh, and don’t worry about the TV’s license, that’s on us! All rooms come with all bills included!