The countdown begins – 5 things you need to do right now

As you get even closer to leaving for uni, you’ll probably have some last-minute loose ends to take care of. For now though, sorting out these essentials should set you up nicely for a good move.

Now’s the time to get organised

Firstly, do you know where you’re living yet? If you don’t and you’d like some student accommodation advice, chat to your uni to see what’s still available. If you want to look at some of the options, you’re welcome to check our UCAS accommodation search. Don’t worry if all the on-campus rooms are full already – your uni should be able to help you find other options or house shares.

Or you may have accommodation sorted and instead be thinking ‘how can I make my student room look nice?’ or how to prepare more generally. Here are some ideas on how to start the countdown and make sure you’re all set to go.

1. Pack for your room

Check what will be provided in your student room – like a desk, desk chair, bed, and mattress – so you know what else you’ll need to get. Your uni might have a virtual tour of their accommodation, or you could contact them to ask what’s included.

You might need to pack some of these:

  • Comfy things – duvet, bedding, pillows, cushions
  • Homey things – lamp, rug, house plant, photos
  • Fun things – guitar, games console, fancy dress
  • Essentials – soap, shampoo, clothes

2. Get your books or course equipment

When it comes to textbooks, some tutors will let you know what to read beforehand. Others prefer students to wait until they’re in lectures. Either way, have a look at any course guidance you’ve been sent already, and any reading materials should be listed there.

Most university libraries will have copies or online access to the essential books as well.

Other things you could need are:

  • a laptop and charger
  • uni sports clothing
  • art materials

3. Complete any summer studies

You’ll hopefully already know if your tutors need you to do any prep for when your course starts. Sometimes there are certain bits of reading to do first – or you might need to complete a specific task ahead of one of your first lectures.

If you’re not sure, you could double check with your course tutors. Or if there isn’t any, you could always do a bit of general reading into your subject to get you inspired for your course.

4. Recharge

Going to uni is a busy and exciting time, so looking after your wellbeing over the summer is a good way to prepare. This way, you’ll make sure your batteries aren’t running low for when you’re starting something new.

Spend plenty of time with your friends and family. Maybe go on some day trips or visit your favourite places in your hometown. You could also make plans to see them later in the year – that way you can look forward to seeing some familiar faces after you’ve settled into uni life.

5. Chat to other students

While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know students when you start uni, you might really appreciate getting to know other people a bit before moving in. It could be a good idea if you’re keen to get a headstart.

  • Your uni might have student chats on their website.
  • See if there are any groups on social media for first years, your course or your accommodation.
  • Use our chat to uni students page to ask them any questions you have.