How to make your new home feel like home

If you’re thinking about how to decorate your uni room or what you might want to get to make your house a home, here are some tips.

How can I decorate student accommodation?

Firstly, your tenancy contract or accommodation team should have details of what you can and can’t do. A lot of people wonder ‘how can I make my student room look nice’ – whether that’s your room or any other spaces you share with your housemates. It’s worth checking what’s allowed before you buy anything and then find out you can’t use it.

Once you’ve checked what’s possible, here are some ideas of how you can make your spaces look great. You could even chat to students who are already at uni to ask them how they decorated their accommodation.

1. Student rooms in halls

In university-managed accommodation you might have some restrictions on what you can put up on the walls. See if you’re allowed to use adhesive strips or tack as long as you don’t mark up the walls. If so you might be ok to put up posters, photos, calendars etc. Alternatively you could have picture frames that stand up by themselves, if there’s room to place them on your desk, drawers, windowsill or wardrobe.

Your room might come also with a noticeboard, a mirror and space for ornaments, plants, games, action figures, musical instruments, lamps – whatever you’re into really.

2. Student rooms in private accommodation

If you’re in a house with a private landlord, your room might be a bit homier or quirkier than a room in student halls. You might already have picture hooks to hang framed photos, posters or paintings on.

Also, rooms in private accommodation are sometimes larger than those in student halls of residence. If so, you might want a tall lamp or a rug to fill the space. Or you might fancy having an extra clothes rail, a wall hanging, or a small forest of plants?

3. Your shared living room

Lighting, throws and cushions are easy ways to make living spaces comfortable and more like home. Then, as you get to know your housemates, you might find there are a few things you’re all into or you’d all like to know more about. These could be the perfect inspiration for decorating your living room with pictures or postcards.

  • Travel – a world map, or pictures of places you’d like to go
  • Food – cookbooks or pictures of your favourite cuisines
  • Sport – do you all have a team or sportsperson you’re into?
  • Music – posters of bands you like or music you’d like to hear more of

4. Your shared kitchen

You’ll want this to be mostly practical and easy to use – but maybe you could have a recipe board or spell out daft words with A-Z fridge magnets. Cookbooks might seem like a nice touch for the kitchen, but don’t forget kitchens get wet and cookbooks don’t like water.

If you’re into cooking, potted herbs can be a lovely way to jazz up your kitchen while helping you make tasty food.

Most accommodations don't come with cooking utensils like frying pan, saucepan, crockery, cutlery and electrical appliances. So you will need to think of where to get those from. Student Essentials is a student focused brand who offer curated Kitchen Starter Packs that have all the items you need to get you started cooking.

5. Outdoor spaces

If you have a garden or balcony, you might be able to put your spin on the space. If you’re into plants you could add a few to brighten up the space. Or lanterns, flags, tables, coasters, sports stuff – anything that makes you want to spend time outside together.