Keeping fit in uni accommodation

You might have an established fitness routine that you’d like to continue at uni, or you might be wondering how to get more active alongside your studies. Here are some ideas to help.

Movement is great for your wellbeing and focus

As well as staying healthy, keeping active can relieve stress and increase your concentration levels for studying. Movement is so good for the body and mind, so it’s worth having a few fitness activities in mind for when you start uni – especially a few you can do within your uni accommodation or outdoors.

1. Join a gym or leisure centre

Your uni might have its own gym or gyms – probably with student-friendly prices! These could be ideal ways to continue with your fitness goals or try new exercises. Whether you’re more into cardio or strength or a bit of both, there’ll be a gym or leisure centre of some kind nearby.

  • Swimming
  • Badminton, tennis or squash
  • Weightlifting / strength training
  • Rowing and ski machines
  • Exercise bikes and cross trainers

2. Go running with your housemates

Some people like to run solo with their headphones in – others like to run in groups and make it more social. You could see if your housemates are into running, or up for starting. There’s the NHS Couch to 5K app if you’d like to build up your running skills bit by bit. It’s a gradual way to get running and avoid injuries.

Running is also an easy one to keep up if any Covid-19 restrictions come up.

3. Do strength training at home

This is an easy one to do in your accommodation if you get your own set of weights. You could just get a couple of dumbbells and take inspiration from fitness experts on Instagram or YouTube. There are a lot of exercises you can do with a few weights, or even just your own body weight.

Be wary of high intensity workouts though – some people love them, but they aren’t right for everyone as they can have a higher risk of injury than other kinds of exercise.

4. Explore the outdoors

Just walking regularly can be such a nice thing to do to destress and see some nature – whether around the local parks or nearby countryside. Or you could try out some more adventurous activities?

  • Cycle trails
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Zip wires
  • Climbing

5. Join societies and sports teams

Looking for an activity to keep fit but you’re not sure what to try? You could take a look at the student societies and sports teams your uni has.

Whether there’s something you’ve always wanted to try, a new challenge you want to take on, or a familiar activity you’d like to get involved with – joining a team or society has the added bonus of making friends outside of your house or course. Equally, you could join up alongside your housemates as something different you can do together.

6. Try pilates and yoga

At your gym or on campus you might be able to take pilates or yoga classes. These can be helpful for increasing mobility and flexibility – and generally good for mindfulness and wellbeing.

And if there’s a future lockdown but we’re allowed to go outside for exercise, you could always head to a park with your housemates for a DIY pilates or yoga session.

7. Find something new?

There’s such a variety of things you could try, and if you’re not yet inspired by a particular sport or activity, have a look around your local area or ask your friends or family if there’s anything they’d recommend.

Or you’re welcome to have a chat with students who are already at uni to see what they tried and how keeping active helped them with their university experience.