Tips for settling in and getting on with your housemates

Once you make the move to university and get through the first-day unknowns and excitement, students often focus on settling into their new surroundings and getting to know the people they’re sharing accommodation with.

How to enjoy living in uni accommodation

There are lots of different ways to get to know each other. You might go to all the Students’ Union welcome events, or have your meals at the same time, or figure out how to get around your new campus together. 

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask students who are already at uni, and see how if they have any other good tips.

Here are some tips to help. 

1. Your student food shopping list

If you’re nervous or adjusting to your new surroundings, the last thing you want to do is go hungry. So have an idea of what you’d like to get at the supermarket, or see if you can get some of it the day before you move in – then you won’t have to run to the shops on day 1.
Plus sharing food or eating together is a nice, easy way to spend time with your housemates.

2. Go to student events

As well as welcome sessions for your course, your Students’ Union will run a series of welcome events designed to help you get to know people and have a good time. These are such good ways to spend time with your housemates, as well as keeping an eye out for people you’ve met in your first course welcome sessions.
Each uni has a different range of events – but they could include:

  • comedy nights
  • club nights
  • film screenings
  • sporting events
  • pub crawls
  • chances to join student societies
  • tours of your campus

And you might finish with a ball to celebrate the start of uni – think DJs and getting dressed up (rather than ball gowns and canapes).

3. Study together

Sometimes students sharing accommodation are studying similar courses – so you’d be able to go to lectures together and remind each other what room you’re going to. Or if you’re studying different subjects, you can head to the library or study spaces together. Just having someone you know studying next to you can be a nice motivator for the day. 

4. Play games

If you’re outdoorsy, bring your tennis rackets, skateboards, footballs, running shoes etc – playing games together is a great way to get to know each other and let off steam. Or see if there’s a local games night or board game café. Or check if anyone has a games console or a favourite multiplayer app. Or musical instruments? 

5. Help each other out

Even if you don’t immediately hit it off with some of your housemates, you’re all in the same boat – uni is a new experience. So you’ll all need a hand with things, like where (and how?) to do laundry, how to cook tasty and affordable food, and how to not get lost on campus.
If you’re exploring or going to events together, look out for each other. Even if you’re very different people, you’ll be able to connect by helping each other out.

6. Share your interests

One of the best things about uni is meeting people who have different interests and backgrounds. If you don’t have that much in common at first, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. See what they’re into – you might enjoy trying out some new interests or hobbies, or they might know loads about a subject or place you’ve always wanted to know more about.
Ultimately, if you give each other time, space and consideration, you’ll all find something to connect over and you’ll feel settled and ready for your first semester.