Make your student accommodation feel like a home from home

It can take time to get used to any new place to live – which is just as true if you’re moving to university or college. One way to settle in is to make your new place feel like home.

How can I make my student room look nice?

You don’t need much to make your room look good and feel homey. Bring some of your things with you and get some comfy bits – anything that will make your room a great place to study and relax in.

If you haven’t applied for your room yet, use our accommodation search to see where you might prefer to live in, so you can see what kind of room you’ll be working with.

1. How to decorate your uni room

You’ll be living and studying in your uni room a lot. Check what your new room looks like, so when you’re getting things like bedding you can decide what’s the best colour. For study room walls and curtains etc, the colours will probably be neutral, or maybe with one primary colour – you could take a virtual tour of your accommodation to check. Then you can choose things that work and feel homey.

  • Duvet cover and pillows (geometric, flowers, Daenerys Targaryen?)
  • Flags (if you’re allowed bunting or to hang a national flag etc)
  • Lights or a desk lamp
  • Postcards for your desk or notice board
  • A houseplant

2. Things to remind you of home

Some students feel homesick – at least until they’ve made a few friends and perhaps had a visit from home after a few weeks or months. Until then, bringing a bit of home with you might help you to settle in.

  • Photos of family and friends
  • Your books or journal
  • A few ornaments
  • Sketchbooks or hobbies from home
  • Your frisbee or badminton rackets
  • Your laptop/tablet for video calls

3. How to feel comfortable in your new living space

As well as studying and sleeping, you’ll spend plenty of time relaxing in your new place – so you want it to be as comfy as you’d be at home.

  • Pillows, cushions, blankets, throws
  • Music and headphones
  • Comfy clothes
  • Netflix?
  • A onesie?!

Want to know how other students make their rooms homey? Have a chat with current students and ask them for tips. Some students keep it pretty simple – others go all out! Do whatever’s right for you, fits your budget or will allow you to relax in your new home.