• 1 Small double bed
  • 14m²
  • Wifi
  • Desk
  • Door lock
  • Television


  • Up to 5 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Microwave

Contract options

  • Available from 12th September
  • Booking fee

General Description

With 13-14 sq m of living space, these newly refurbished rooms offer you all the essentials close to the city centre, and share a kitchen and living area with four others. Newly refurbished for 2020/21, you get all the essentials in a Bronze En Suite Plus, including a study area and a brand new shower room and double bed. A shared kitchen and living room offers a place to cook, dine and socialise. You will also be able to enjoy all the facilities of the building, including a lounge with pool table, TV and piano, and our spacious outdoor terrace.